About Us 

Squak Mountain Stone was built in the year 2004 which means that the company has been creating their products for many years already. It all started when the entrepreneur who was the main reason why this company even started, thought about creating another material that we all can use to substitute the stones that were so expensive. With this idea, he didn’t just intend to create a way to make these products affordable, but he also thought about the environment, how we can preserve it more and avoid using so much of the resources and materials we get from nature. 

The ideas were immediately told to many others and it was a great thing that they all liked the thought of it. The planning and decision to push through this idea became easier because many people agreed on doing this. Years after that, they finally released the products of Squak Mountain Stone that were advertised and introduced to many people. It’s a good thing that many people paid attention to their products and saw the good things about it.  

With their long experience in this industry, it gives them the opportunity to improve their creations, their services, and their products. After many tries and exploration about many things and materials, they were more than confident than before because they know that any failures from the past were now improved. This is another reason why more and more people give attention to Squak Mountain Stone. They don’t just give high-quality materials for the countertops and tables, but they also provide affordable products for the customers and clients. It really serves as a substitute for those expensive stone we always wanted. Now, we all can achieve the great kitchen look and characteristics of these items. We’re also hoping to improve more and more to provide you greater things in the future.