Hi, I’ve always wanted to buy from your company but I still want to see the various colors and designs of the countertops you sell. Is there any way I can view it on this website? 

Hello, thank you so much for thinking about buying from us. Yes, if you are wondering how our products look like or what type of designs we have, you may view them all in this website.  Just go to the ‘products’ section and see tons of items in there. 

Do you have stores or branches in different places? If yes, is it available in this website to know where I am nearest? 

Yes, we do have many branches and we are continuing to expand as well. If you want to see them and visit, just go to the location tab on the top part of this website and search your location to see the ones nearest to your place. Or if you prefer, you can just scroll this website to see the list of our branches and the details about them. 

Can I buy from this website immediately or do I have to find your stores so I can buy personally? If it is possible to buy here, how and where can I do it? 

Yes, you can buy from this website so you don’t have to find our physical stores. If you want to buy online, just go to the store tab located at the top part of this website along with the others and click it. You will see various products and the details about them. When buying, just click the purchase button and proceed with the payment. 

Do you sell internationally as well? 

Yes, we do sell our products internationally only if the products were bought online. Since we do not have branches internationally, we can only accept orders online from the people living in different countries.